Gorai Films is a new and promising film production house in Bangladesh. It aims to produce films, documentaries and fictions to add values in the film industry and film making practice of the country. It is not a house for only profit making films.

Gorai Films wants to patronize a school of thought that will bring a positive change to our film industry. The industry really needs to come out of its dire situation. The production house also wants to nourish the spirit of creativity at its all aspects and branches.

Gorai Films have produced so far four films including ‘Al-Badar’ (a documentary), ‘Aim in Life’ (a short fiction), ‘Hawker Ghar’ (a documentary) and ‘The Speech’ (a documentary).

Gorai Films obtained the ‘National Film Award of Bangladesh 2011’ titled the ‘Best Documentary’ for ‘Al-Badar’.

Gorai Films attempts to produce those films which will help the future generation by acting as a reference to the past. Gorai Films picks those works which bring the message of freedom to the general people. ‘Bhubon Majhi’ will be the biggest budget movie to date for this production house.