Arefeen is one of the few pioneers who are working to save Bangla films from over the top punching bag dramas and action movies. During his education period in Jahangirnagar University Arefeen began to make his way to the independent film making in Bangladesh.

He entered into the film industry with his first documentary film Al Badar which won the National Film Award 2011. It is also the recipient of a number of international awards. The film has also shown in the Commonwealth Film Festival, SARAC Film Festival and Ankara Film Festival.

His second documentary fim, The Speech is released. The end goal of this documentary is a source for the next generation of youth who want to know more about the Liberation War of Bangladesh.

In 2013 another award winning documentary titled Hawker Ghor is released.


Previous films by Fakhrul Arefeen Khan


Al Badar was one of the three militias that were formed under one act of Pakistan Civil Armed Forces to help Pakistan Army during the War of Independence of Bangladesh. The members of Al Badar were die hard Pakistanis among the Bengalis mainly recruited from the fundamentalist activists. They were trained not only to collect information about the freedom fighters but also to kill them when necessary.

Since its inception on 7th November 1971, Al Badars were engaged in abducting, torturing and killing the freedom fighters especially the Bengali intelligentsia. By 14th November 1971 i.e. two days before their final defeat, Al Badars tried to kill all the intellectuals who supported Bangladesh and it is evident from the close interviews of the family members of martyred intellectuals and others who could manage escape from the killers.

Besides, interviews of some eminent scholars, journalists, lawyers, economists, academics, and politicians tried to reveal the conditionality of their presence in Bangladesh from different perspectives including militancy of the fundamentalist.

Al Badar

The Speech

The Speech is a documentary aims to remembering the great speech that was delivered by our father of the nation Bangabondu Sheikh Mujib, contributed the key role of the independent of Bangladesh just after 19 days of the speech.

This film will search the three part of the speech, which are given below:

1. Unveiled story behind the speech
2. Military reaction and Political Preparation after the speech
3. The unnamed people who saved recording of the speech during the war unveil

The most important part of our Independence is the great Speech that was delivered by Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on 7 March 1971 at Dhaka.

This film tries to establishes its research that indicates that 7th March was the core date of declaration of Independence and 26 march was its consequence only. In addition, at the last part of the film we find that Bangabandhu Sheik Mujibur Rahman declared the final statement of independence at the last moment of operation. However, the speech indicated to the direct and indirect movement towards the upcoming war and its reaction reflects both people and the military, but the story remains unveiled to the cine viewers of Bangladesh.

Apart from the reaction, the most interesting part of the speech is its preservation, which was unveiled to the history of Bangladesh. The film tries to uncover the story and to salute to the heroes who risked their life to keep the speech untouched from the Pakistan Army.

The Speech

Hawker Ghar

Hawker Ghor is another documentary film of FakhrulArefeen.Hawker Ghor (home of truth) is place where the devotee LalonSaije prayed, created song and died. This place and the premises of LalonAkhrahas been captured by local govt, muscleman and religious racist since 1984. This film fights for the LalonSaiji’s followers.

Aim in Life

This is first attempt of making fiction film by Fakhrul Arefeen. The protagonist in this film named Abir is a 21 years old boy who looses his mind many times to set his aim. But he has settled the issue after struggling a lot with current social behavior. Through this journey of film, finally he found his ultimate aim in life as a human being. Starring by Subhashis Bhowmik, M.Hamid, Nishat, Shwvon, Mrityunjoy, Sristy, Tipu Haque and Lalim Haque.

About National Award

Al Badar is awarded as the ‘Best Documentary Film’ in 36th National Film Awards 2011, presented by the Ministry of Information, Bangladesh to felicitate the best of Bangladeshi Cinema released in the year 2011.


Fakhrul Arefeen Khan is receiving National Award from the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.